Get Berk International’s Product Catalog to Grow Your Distribution Business

Get Berk International’s Product Catalog to Grow Your Distribution Business

Berk International offers a wide range of quality wiping products that your clients need to operate their businesses successfully. We supply a diverse range of cleaning and hygienic items to a large number of distributors around the world.


Some of the distributors we work with serve international brands, and others deliver niche products to high-end clients. No matter what type of distribution company you operate, you can expect excellent products and services with every order.


  • Some of our popular products include:
    PROformance® DRC - cellulose-based, absorbent wipers for light to heavy-duty cleaning.
  • MIGHTYWIPE® - latex-free, low-lint wipers suitable for industries from hospitality to sanitation.
  • Yellow Dust Cloths - treated, non-woven rayon cloths perfect for dusting surfaces.
  • CHEMWIPE® - disposable, pre-moistened wiper and bucket cleaning systems made for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • TechWipe® - task wipes made for cleaning sensitive glass surfaces, such as test tubes and computer screens.
  • HUMAN CARE® - disposable washcloths that are perfect for hospitals, assisted living, and long-term care facilities.


And these items are just a small sample of the brands you will find in our product catalog.


Not sure which products your buyers will want? Get a copy of our product catalog and connect with your Berk International sales representative to discuss your options!

Clean smarter. Clean sustainably. Clean with Berk.

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